Summertime Evaluations

Summertime and evalin’ is easy Surveys are fillin’, and response rates are high Your dataset’s rich and your graphs are good lookin’ So hush little funder, don’t you cry (With apologies to the Gershwins and Ella Fitzgerald!) Despite the song, summertime evaluation has its own challenges. The nicer weather often signals a hiatus to regular […]

Seeds for Thought

Seeds for Thought: Negative Results

Whether you are evaluator of a program or someone associated with the initiative being evaluted (the evaluatee?), it’s probably safe to say that everyone hopes for good results: proof that all the planning, effort, and resources that went into the program made a difference. Sadly, that doesn’t always happen, leaving the evaluator to figure out […]

Resources Seeds for Thought

Seeds for Thought: Noble Arsonist

If you follow Strong Roots’ Twitter feed, you may have noticed that I attended the MoSo conference last week here in Saskatoon. It was my first time attending this particular conference but hopefully it won’t be my last, with some great sessions and resources that were relevant to me as both a social entrepreneur and […]