How We Work

The Key Activities section outlines what Strong Roots can do for your organization: this page focuses on how Strong Roots works with community-based non-profit groups and initiatives to help them reach their goals.

Our Approach


Although Strong Roots brings specific strengths and skills to a project, we definitely don’t come in with all the answers! We recognize that knowledge exists in everyone, both individually and collectively, so our processes are designed to encourage everyone to participate, share ideas and feedback, and work together towards a common goal.


Strong Roots is all about building the capacity for long-term success. We aim to take the mystery out of activities like evaluation and planning so that individuals and organizations can develop their own skills. In turn, we prefer to work with initiatives and groups that share a similar approach in strengthening people and their communities, instead of fostering continued dependency.


A prime consideration for any project is its potential for creating change. Part of the initial stages of working with your organization includes a discussion of the potential outcomes of the proposed activities and how such change will be sustained afterwards. Understanding that developments can be unpredictable and often lead to unexpected ideas and connections even in the midst of a project, Strong Roots can help you work through this complexity and best take advantage of new opportunities and challenges.


In general, Strong Roots Consulting works on a project-fee basis. After a free initial conversation, we will prepare a proposal outlining the scope of work and a set cost based on the estimated number of work hours to complete the project. The proposal will also indicate who is responsible for incidental expenses such as supplies, rental of venues for events, and subcontracting of any additional services.

Payment is usually due upon project completion. For projects that are more complex or longer in timescale, Strong Roots Consulting may request an interim payment. Alternatively, a phased approach can be used where payment is due at the end of the first phase, at which point a new proposal is created for the next phase.

Other options are possible as well: contact us to discuss arrangements that work best for you!