The Strong Roots Story

What’s the origin of “Strong Roots”? The phrase came to mind on the Trans-Canada highway in the middle of Northern Ontario during my trek west to Saskatoon. Maybe it was the drive through shield country, surrounded by trees, that brought the imagery to mind, or the knowledge that I was moving back to the prairies and the farming imagery that comes with that fact: either way, the name stuck with me.

The source of the deeper Strong Roots vision goes a bit further back. As noted in the About Brian page, I have worked and volunteered for a diverse range of non-profit and “for-impact” organizations, from grassroots volunteer-based groups to large service providers. These different organizations have likewise incorporated a wide span of activities and areas of focus, including community development, environmental advocacy, faith and spirituality, immigration, and youth development.

Across this spectrum of groups working for good, I have noticed three overarching trends. First, these organizations are having a real impact in our community each and every day, whether it’s supporting those in crisis, creating and strengthening community assets, or working to create broader change. Second, the people working in this field, by and large, are committed and passionate about their cause, even in the face of inevitable setbacks and tragedies. Lastly, the sector is facing numerous challenges including diminishing resources, a growing need for their services, and difficulty with adapting to the complexity of the communities we’re based in.

Throughout my career, I have preferred to take a strengths-based approach to creating change. While acknowledging the problems that exist, I want to work with individuals, groups, organizations, and communities to find creative approaches to make our world a better place. In creating Strong Roots Consulting, my hope is to support those working for good in building their capacity through research, evaluation, program development, and planning.