Project Support

How do you create and run a successful program or initiative? Whether shaping a new project or revamping an existing idea, Strong Roots’ expertise in community-based research and program development can help your organization understand the elements needed for success and create a plan to match. Our support doesn’t end when the program begins: ongoing developmental evaluation lets your organization keep tabs on how the program is progressing and adapt to unexpected obstacles or changes. Finally, when all is said and done, we’ll work together to figure out what worked well, what didn’t, and how those insights can be shared and utilized for your next idea.

What stage are you at with your project?

Preparing and Starting up

Your team is ready to go out and make a difference, but those first steps shouldn’t be into completely unknown terrain. Research and engagement with potential participants, partners, and the community can build a base for future success. Likewise, learning what has been attempted in the past (locally or elsewhere) and what resources and support can be tapped can help determine whether there will be a good fit between your ideas and the realities on the ground. Finally, taking a minute to plan your route can help ensure that your hopes and vision of success are feasible based on your starting point and capacity to move forward.

Developing and Growing

Things are humming along, but no plan survives first contact with reality unscathed. Rapid data collection and analysis during this phase can provide insight into what’s working and (more importantly) what isn’t and suggest alternative approaches. If the unexpected happens, be it a barrier or an opportunity, we’re there to help make sense of what it means. Finally, Strong Roots can act as your project’s personal biographer – identifying key decision points, noting lessons learned, and crafting the story of the initiative to share with supporters and stakeholders.

Reviewing and Learning

It’s all over but the evaluation. Regardless of the degree of success (or failure) there are some questions that should always be asked after the fact. What happened? Why did things turn out the way they did? What does this outcome mean for our participants, our organization, and our plans? We’ll help you make sense of the data, determine the best way to share findings with stakeholders, and decide how these insights will impact your future projects and planning.