Government and Foundation Grants

This section includes grants offered through government agencies as well as private charitable foundations (except those grants that fall under the Collaborative Funding Partnership).

City of Saskatoon – Community Grant Program

Priorities: The purpose of this grants is to encourage Saskatoon residents, particularly those who may face barriers (new Canadians, people with disabilities, economically disadvantaged) to participate in sport, cultural, and recreational programs, and to support the local development of these types of programs. Note: The City of Saskatoon previously administered the Urban Aboriginal Grant Program, a similar fund for organizations providing services for people of Aboriginal descent in Saskatoon, on behalf of the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF), however this program was discontinued in 2013.
Requirements: Applicants must be an incorporated non-profit organization that has existed for at least one year.
Deadlines: The grant is due January 15th.

City of Saskatoon – Environmental Grant Program

Priorities: In line with the City of Saskatoon’s environmental policy and strategic plan, the Environmental Grant program supports community groups and programs for protection of the environment, conservation of natural resources, environmental communications and education, and environmental research. Preference is given for project funding (e.g. workshops, lectures, special activities, publications) but operating funding requests will be considered if sufficient funds exist.
Requirements: Applicants must be an incorporated non-profit, a registered Saskatchewan co-operative, or a registered charity, and be active in Saskatoon (local chapters of provincial or national organizations are eligible). The grant will fund up to 50% of program, project, or operational budget costs.
Deadlines: Applications are due via email or hard copy by March 1 at 4:45pm.

Saskatoon Community Foundation

Priorities: As with many community foundations across Canada, the Saskatoon Community Foundation has a number of grants addressing a number of different topic areas, with funding coming from private endowments, local organizations and corporate partners. Their main fund, the Quality of Life Granting Program, focuses on seven areas: Family & Community, Education, Human Development, Health, Arts & Culture, Environment, and Research, Strategy & Capacity Building.
Requirements: Applicants are required to have charitable status. Organizations can request funding for capacity building activities (e.g. strategic planning, volunteer training), equipment purchases, and capital campaigns “in selected cases when the impact will be larger than the amount granted (i.e. leverage other funding)”.
Deadlines: For the Quality of Life grants, a Letter of Intent outlining the program is due February 1; the Foundation will then select proposals and invite their sponsoring organization to submit a full application for March 1. Other grants have deadlines throughout the year.

Community Initiatives Fund – Community Grant Program

Priorities: The general focus for this province-wide funding body is on benefiting children, youth, and families in Saskatchewan communities, with four specific Program Priorities: prevention/early intervention, community-led projects, aboriginal inclusion in urban centres, and reducing barriers to participation in programs and activities. Groups can apply for Local or Provincial grants; applications for the latter must span multiple regions or involve participation from across the province.
Requirements: Applicants must be incorporated Saskatchewan nonprofit or charitable organizations, or unincorporated volunteer community groups that are endorsed by an eligible organization (non-profit, municipality, health region, school, or school division) that is willing to receive, administer, and account for the grant on behalf of the group.
Deadlines: Deadlines for annual grants are due April 1 and October 1. A third intake for summer programs only is due March 1.

Saskatoon Health Region – Community Grants Program

Priorities: The main focus of Saskatoon Health Region (SHR)’s grants program is addressing determinants of health, including social determinants like income, social support, and education. The Community Wellness grant category has a broader focus on programs that support health in the community, while the Community Health stream more specifically funds the development and evaluation of new health services and programs. Proposals have to address at least three determinants of health from SHR’s list. Applicants also have to clearly demonstrate how their proposal is a response to community needs.
Requirements: Applicants do not necessarily have to be incorporated or have charitable status, but must be a community group in some shape or form (e.g. non-profit, local service club, community association or coalition). SHR will provide funding for up to 50% of the project – the applicant must match the amount granted through cash, non-cash, or in-kind contributions from other sources. Their website includes a full list of eligible and ineligible activities for funding.
Deadlines: Applications are due January 15 and May 15 of each year.

Disclaimer: I do not represent any of these groups and I provide this information for convenience only. Any errors are my own – if you’re a representative from one of these granting bodies and see a mistake, please contact me and I’ll correct it as soon as possible.