Saskatoon Collaborative Funding Partnership

The following three funding bodies are using a joint application process, with a due date of November 30. More information about the funding partnership including each funder’s priorities can be found on the City of Saskatoon’s website or the website for the Partnership itself.

United Way of Saskatoon and Area – Community Initiative Fund

Priorities: United Way has three priority areas: “From Poverty To Possibility”, “Healthy People, Strong Communities”, and “All That Kids Can Be”. According to a handout from the event, their focus is “… to invest in programs that meet vital or emerging community needs …”. However, the representative at the event mentioned that they have supported non-program requests in the past, such as environmental scans.
Requirements: Applicants must be a registered charity: if your organization does not have charitable status, you can apply through a sponsoring organization only in “exceptional circumstances” (translation: if you’re thinking of taking this route, talk with them first!)

Saskatoon Urban Aboriginal Strategy – Community Investment Fund

Priorities: As its name implies, the Saskatoon Urban Aboriginal Strategy focuses on providing services for Saskatoon’s urban Aboriginal population. Priorities mentioned at the event included programs focusing on life and job skills, as well as those focusing on women and children. They also have a separate capacity fund for projects that help build capacity for organizations and clients.
Requirements: As mentioned above, this granter provides funding to a range of organization types, including for-profit endeavours as long as the money is not going towards profit-generating activities. The rep also emphasized that applicants do not have to be an Aboriginal organization, but they must demonstrate how their request is focused specifically on helping Saskatoon’s urban Aboriginal community.

City of Saskatoon – Social Services Grant

Priorities: The focus of this grant is primarily on direct service provision for vulnerable citizens/populations in Saskatoon that “enhances their quality of life, especially in relation to the family”. Other grants from the City focus on sports, recreation, and cultural initiatives, as well as economic development or capital expenditures.
Requirements: Applicants must be an incorporated non-profit or co-op, or a registered charity. The application must demonstrate the need for the program and the involvement of the “client group” in this need determination. There is a preference for preventative programs and collaboration/cooperation with other service agencies.

Diclaimer: I do not represent any of these groups and I provide this information for convenience only. Any errors are my own – if you’re a representative from one of these granting bodies and see a mistake, please contact me and I’ll correct it as soon as possible.