New Team Member!

I’m excited to introduce Dr. Giselle Patrick as my new colleague at Strong Roots Consulting! Based in Saskatoon, Giselle brings a strong skillset and knowledge base in program evaluation, including a doctorate in Applied Social Psychology, and her previous experience working in the field includes both internal and external evaluator roles across Canada and in international contexts. Her bio (below and also on the main page of our website) highlights some of her key strengths and interests that she brings to the team:

Dr. Giselle Patrick (PhD) is the Co-Director of Evaluation Services at Strong Roots Consulting. She has an educational background in Applied Social Psychology with a focus on crime, coupled with over 13 years of International and Canadian Program Evaluation experience. Giselle has extensive skills in program logic model development, program theory, data collection and analysis to inform program development. Giselle has worked as both a consulting program evaluator as well as an internal evaluator to organizations. She believes that program evaluation has an important role in changing the world and to that end, she uses her extensive experience and skills in strategic thinking and development, critical and transformative thinking to support an antiracist, anti-oppressive evaluation practice.

As her title implies, Giselle’s work as Co-Director of Evaluation Services will focus on managing and implementing program evaluation projects through all phases, from defining the program to collecting data and working with key stakeholders to understand the implications of the results. Given our mutual love for program evaluation, the two of us will collaborate frequently on these types of projects and look forward to supporting organizations that seek to learn, grow, and contribute to community change. Giselle will also be contributing to other work with Strong Roots Consulting, such as strategic planning projects.

Again, I’m really excited to have Giselle join the team! Even in the past few weeks since she officially started, it is clear that her knowledge, perspectives, and experience working in different contexts will greatly enhance our capacity to support organizations working for community change. With Giselle onboard, I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to turn the evaluative lens on Strong Roots Consulting itself and identify new opportunities for our own learning and growth.

Welcome Giselle!