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Site Updates – Approach and Resources

Although I have dialled back the pace of posting to the blog since returning from last week’s conference, don’t think that the website has stayed static in that time! Building on a post from September, I’ve distilled the essence of the Strong Roots approach to four elements: Connect, Empower, Change, and Share. The last one, which wasn’t discussed in the original blog post, encompasses my belief of sharing resources, namely information, as best embodied through this blog and the Resources section. The Share component of the Approach page also gives a brief explanation of the Creative Commons licence used for site content: in case you were wondering about the icon in the bottom left of each page, here’s your chance to learn more.

Speaking of resources and information sharing, I’ve added a page on Participatory Research Methods, based primarily on sessions I attended at the AEA conference. Like the Grants page, I’ll keep adding to it as I come across new methods. At some point, I’ll need to figure out how to better organize these pages – the Grants page in particularly is already getting a bit long, and I can see the new page facing the same fate in the near future. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated – contact me or leave a comment below!