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Thoughts and Gratitude for the Holidays

For those of us who strive to make our world a better place – whether you work for a charity, a non-profit service provider, an advocacy organization, a social-purpose business, or are “just” a community member who is passionate for a cause – there is really no time that is absolutely quiet: no time where there isn’t someone in need, an action we can take, or a new idea that we can sketch out. Although we encourage others to take time for themselves and those they care about, we’re not always so good at following our own advice.

With that idea in mind, I would like to share three thoughts for those of us who are working for change in our communities:

First, if you are at work over the next week, whether it’s providing support to those in crisis, heading across the country to help restore power in areas affected by ice storms, or staffing a desk at a community service, thank you. Our world doesn’t shut down just because of the holidays: your efforts are important and even crucial for those who face difficulties during this “quiet” time of year. I also hope that you get at least some time over the next week with friends and family to rest and recharge.

Second, for those who do have the opportunity for a break, take it! Spend it with those who are important in your life and reflect on the positives in your life and work. If you’re so inclined, think about what you want to see happen in the months to come, but don’t let it dominate your time away. Come back in the new year refreshed and ready for the challenges and opportunities that 2014 will bring.

Finally, for everyone, enter 2014 with the idea that we all can make a difference. Every day brings us choices, from what we do at work and how we interact with those we meet, to what we value and what we want to see in our neighbourhoods and our world. The impact may not be readily apparent, but it is the small actions of many that make a difference.

I hope you find what you need this holiday season, safe travels to those who are visiting friends and family, and I look forward to connecting and collaborating in the new year!

Strong Roots will be on break for the remainder of the year, returning to normal operations on Friday, January 3. I will still respond to email and phone inquiries during that time as I am able, however it may take longer than my customary two business day response window.