May 8, 2019 News

Going forward, I’ll be posting on a twice-monthly basis, corresponding roughly to the first and third weeks of the month. From my experience in sharing events of interest to Saskatoon-based non-profit folks, I think that schedule will capture the majority of events while avoiding posts where all (or almost all) listings are simple repeats of the previous post. That being said, I’ll keep my evaluator hat1 on and adjust this schedule as needed!

Saskatoon Events

Leadership Saskatoon is hosting an Extended Conversation in their Lunch and Learn series on Wednesday May 15 to demonstrate how to host a World Cafe, using Everyday Leadership as the sample topic.

KM [Knowledge Mobilization] in the AM welcomes Dr. Colleen Dell on Tuesday May 16 for a discussion on how to include community members in research.

The Saskatchewan Nonprofit Partnership is hosting a one-day Provincial Summit on June 7, with a focus on exploring “current and future priorities for the nonprofit sector in Saskatchewan, and [considering] potential models for how the sector can collaborate to address these priorities”.

The Canadian Evaluation Society’s Saskatchewan Chapter is hosting a full-day workshop on June 18, featuring Kim van der Woerd and Billie Joe Rogers, on the topic of Culturally Responsive Evaluation with Indigenous Populations.

Online Events

Community-Based Research Canada (CBRC) is hosting a series of monthly webinars on topics related to (you guessed it) Community-Based Research. The first one takes place on Wednesday May 15 with the topic of Research Ethics as Praxis: Being Mindful of Potential Harm and Benefits to Research Participants.

Online Resources

Vu Le shares the challenges, frustrations, and humour of working in the non-profit sector through his blog, Nonprofit AF. One post earlier this year falls squarely in the latter category by applying Marie Kondo’s KonMari method to tidying your organization, both in terms of physical clutter (including expired snacks!) and relationships – asking whether board members, volunteers, staff, and even funders continue to “spark joy” or whether they should be thanked and let go.

  1. Not a literal hat, though if you know of such an article of clothing that exists in the real world, please let me know!