SEWF – Wow

After a full day at the Social Enterprise World Forum, I’m reduced to one word: wow. It’s a lot to take in, and not just in terms of the plenaries and session presentations (which have been great) – this conference is bringing together hundreds of interesting people who are doing amazing work in so many different ways. So far I have met other consultants, individuals working in community development, housing, health, IT, finance, the arts, representatives from non-profits, for-profits, governments, and all the spaces in-between. There is a great energy in the space, especially during the hour-long networking and refreshment breaks (a welcome change from the average conference, which tries to cram too much content in too little time), and I can think of several ideas and opportunities to follow up on that came out of conversations over coffee or lunch.

I plan to take some time early next week to review materials from this conference, so expect a post then with more content and insights. For now, I invite you to keep an eye on the Strong Roots Twitter feed where I’m sharing on the go, as well as the hashtag #SEWF to see what others are learning and conversing about. I’m on the fence for which session to attend this morning (20 minutes to decide!), but I will definitely be attending the presentation on impact measurement this afternoon.